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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

"Asking" the Grebe ... ... ...

Summer came a little late this year, but I pulled her out of storage and started working on the sail. The sail took me about 2 weeks to complete, I did some trial/practise patterns out of green industrial tarp for sizing. I did indeed stay with the specifications that Morten had provided.
Once again, may I say that Morten is awesome!

Once I felt I had it right, I bought some material and took it to a professional sewer for completion, gromits and all! *L*
 they did a great job.

Two weeks ago I sailed her!
I have to admit I was a little nervous ...
I got my Class II 10 years ago. *L*

the winds were about 10 - 15k.
and off I went...

She was very stable!, and I was surprised and how softly she moved.
I was delighted!
I sailed her both upwind and down.
the one difficulty I had was turning up wind (starboard in this case).
I had to turn to port, and come about ...
and once I did that ...
I was on my way ...

I was having the time of my life!
she sailed off at .. I don't know 2 - 3 knots *L* (I'm really not sure, seemed faster than say a walking pace), I sailed around for about an hour and told myself "this is sooooo great!" Every now and then a very strong gust would come along and letting out  the mainsheet worked well.

you know... when we created the grebe .... 
we built a row boat, we made her a guide boat,
an now we have given her a sail ...
how wonderful is she ....

When I was sailing the Grebe for the first time, there came a point where I simply sat back and relaxed, ever so gentling riding across the lake along with those wonderful sounds a wooden boat and the waters make!  with a gentle breeze of encouragement ...   I just let her go ... ... ...    It was as if I was "asking the Grebe" to show me what she's like?, and she responded by gently taking me along for a ride, it was absolutely perfect, and it was where I wanted to be. 

I was on my own for her maiden voyage, which was ok, I knew there may be some adjustments required and it was a good opportunity to see where some minor adjustments may be. (There where a couple for the Balance Rigging.) 
It is now fall so I must get back out there soon, I am hoping for this weekend and prospects are looking good. I will try go come up with some pics and video soon as well, (I feel she's presentable now)

i've been thinking about this email since I sailed her,
It feels good to finally send it.

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