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Monday, 24 September 2012

yesterday and today ...

Took the grebe out for a row yesterday and today,
yesterday was sunny and hot and the water and wind were calm.
simply a wonderful row yesterday, a little fresh air and exersize does the body and mind good. Yesterday there was a RC boat club on the lake (about 15) and they had the perfect conditions as well. Lots of other boats of all kinds (no motors allowed). Except for the Patrol boat (Bruce), who pulled along side to say hello, real nice guy, he helped me with my rigging when I was setting up the sail for the grebe. Held the boat for me today while I looked for my gloves in the hatches :) (turned out I left them in the crush). We were probably about 1/2 mile from the doc and he spotted to part of the dock floating around us, he of course fished it out. Always a pleasure to meet a smiling friend on the water.

Today was even better...
A girl-friend of mine came along with me. She loved it! The sky was hazy with a bit of a sun-glow, kind of a smoky look to it, very nice, and the water was pretty much glass. I was in good company and we had a few wonderful hours just rowing around.
A few other boats, the Paddle-wheel (Moyee) past by, along with the heritage Train at the top of the hill whislting away and blowin smoke.

but wait... what this!?
awe yes..., how wonderful but to see a Pied Billed Grebe!
the very duck I aspired the name of my boat. I took it as a good sign, and later on we came across 3 more grebe's. It appeared they were bathing and diving into the weeds just below the water.

I know this probably sounds repetitive by now but there something about going for a row on a sunny day that is calming, decompressing, soothing, fun, interesting, relaxing... and to be able to share those moments with friends and family is simply priceless.

Building the grebe is certainly one of the top 5 most rewarding and best decisions I have made in my life. and that my friends ... is awesome.

thanks for dropping by,


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