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Thursday, 6 October 2011

A slap to my shoulder and pointing she asked,

What do those dagger boards look like (pic, please) and how do they attach or whatever? What's the lake called?


The Grebe has two dagger-board positions. 
Thus, she has two dagger-board trunks to put them in. (top center of pic), 
These dagger-boards simply slide down into there trunks 
and extend below the hull of the boat. 
Normally you would think that they are
weighted to offer the boat "ballast"
but in fact the  purpose is simply to prevent 
the wind from blowing 
you sideways.

Above you can see the two dagger-boards
rising up out of of the dagger-boards trunks


Here you can see the dagger-boards lowered and extending
under the boat.


(pic please) :)-

The Wpod is a unique design with the two dagger-board positions.
When sailing, only one dagger-board and trunk are to be used.
The reason for the two positions...
is so you can sleep in it. :)

A lot of thought has gone into the creation and design of the Grebe.
The dagger-boards and trunks were one-part of the process.
Having a Naval Architect and Engineer at your back serously helps!
(Morton is truly and wonderful human being to work with!)

Finding benefit in the dual dagger-boards while rowing on choppy waters
is a nice addition for the waters to come.

Dagger-boards and trunks, who's a thunk?
thanks for the question lil :)

I did considered the name
(god bless him)

"the Grebe" won.

The lake Is the "Glenmore Reservoir" in Calgary, and yes...
I don't really like the word ...
" reservoir".

so I call it the lake :) ...

The Lake has plenty of life on every level, in, under and around.
Did I mention that along with the paddle boat there is the train whistle
and black puffs along the hillside from the heritage train that goes around?
There's lots of goodness there.

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