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Saturday, 17 September 2011

2. On the water ...

first entry.
I have been out in the grebbe the last 4 weekends.
(and it was after that when I started this blog, so this is to bring us to a start.)

There is the picture of unpainted version of the Grebe,
I took her to a nearby run-off pond to do my first and only leak test...

That was actually pretty exciting. I had never been in a Dory before, so I had no idea what to expect stability wise? I of course had read many articles on Dories, ie; there origins, lengths, mannerisms if you will. ie: Every dory expects to take on a certain amount of weight at the end of the day, and with the addition of weight comes stability. I quickly learned to lower my seat. Once I settled down, I took her for a gentle row. 2 pulls out and my good friend on the shore says ... "She fast!" as if he was surprised! And I knew he was right. With so very little effort I was gone ...

I checked for leaks, hatches and all.
I can paint her now...

turned out pretty good I think :)

The first day out was nice a smooth on the lake, 6k winds, sunny, noon, 28C. My wife, son and his friend came along. Of course I took the first spin out in her on my own.
well, what can I say?  "I was much more "tender" than she was *L*, but after 5 minutes I was well under way. what a feeling! Delighted at how she rowed! she's 13.4 ft long with a 10 foot hull, once I got her going she was smooth and straight and indeed fast. It did not take long for the dock to disappear. 30 minutes later I was back at the dock giving everybody turns. The "guideboat" seating arrangement is simply fantastic! I'm rowing and talking to my boy and we are just enjoying the moment. It's that moment that you say to yourself " this is why I built her".

Following week, 2nd time on the water,
very similar conditions to the first. only this time it's just me.  :)
I decided to row the the West end of the lake this time. I passed a couple of black Comorants sitting on a log in the middle of the lake.
They didn't say anything. I wished they had. *L* Amazing postures these birds have. :)
As I continued west the water becomes shallower and my paddles start to brush the tops of the underwater foliage. I then stopped rowing and let her land were she will. I look down at the water, through the foliage to the bottom, wondering what it was. Little bugs scampering across the top of the water. The water so still, it was quiet, no lapping of waves on the side of the boat. I enjoyed my horizons and gently rowed back, and a little off to the east to check out the paddle boat. 4 hours later I was back on the dock. Happy, tired and a little sunburnt. What a great afternoon.
it was then time for some wine. :)

Following week, 3rd time out.
Took my son fishing.
This time we had to go east as west is shallow and weedy. Another fantastic day to be out in the grebe! This time my son brought his hockey pads to sit on and he did seem more comfortable. We didn't catch anything but we sure had fun. At one point the paddle boat came by and made nice small waves, he just loved it and later wished that it would come by again and make more waves.

We had lots to drink (orange and lime) and a bite to eat, and a couple snags to recover. *L* no big deal. It simply just feels good to be on the water on a beautiful day.
another thing I'm noticing is all this sun I'm getting! :)    ya, ya... I'm wer'n sun screen.

Following week, 4th time out.
This time the water is choppy and it is windy, at least 10k winds. Probably more because the laser boat sailors were "hiking". The wind can certainly push the side of the grebbe, but being flat bottomed and narrow she could hold her own. I did however bring both dagger-boards with for just this occasion. I was real curious to see the effect putting in the twin dagger-boards would have. Well the results were almost instant. she settled right down and rowed straight as an arrow! It really made a difference. All the sudden my choppy conditions weren't so choppy. I ended up going twice as far as usual in about the same time. I'm thinking I am going to try this more often. I admit the dagger-boards are meant for when I sail her, but hey... if it works? I like it. I went to the far east side of the lake this time and it is pretty too. When I have the grebbe ready to sail next spring thats the direction I'll take. Another fine day indeed.

dock side.

Well.. for the most part your now caught up! 
If you have any questions or comments, I'd be happy to hear from you. cheers :)

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